Past Faith and Wine Speakers 2011-2019

Eileen Boylen March 21, 2019
6 Months to Live
Fr. Mark Wiesner Feb 19, 2019
10 Reasons to Become / Remain a Catholic
Kevin O'Brien Jan 24, 2019
Adam & Eve go to Marriage Counseling
Peggy Stanton Oct. 25, 2018
From the White House to the Cross
Jennifer Lin Sept. 27, 2018
Shanghai Faithful
Alysia Van Camp April 20,
Faith & Wine painting party
Wendy Chanampa March 23, 2017 "The Unseen Gifts of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia – The Greatest of These is Love"
Mary Lou Quinlan February 23,
The God Box, A Journey of the Heart
Very Rev. Robert J. Kantor &
Rabbi Adam Miller
January 19,
A Dialogue - Between Priest and Rabbi reflecting on Pope Francis and Rabbi Skorka's books: "On Heaven and Earth".
October 20,
From Darkness into Light - My Journey from Islam to Catholicism
Gary Ingold
Sept. 22,
Joining Together to Foster a Culture of Life... One Communtiy at a Time
Alysia Van Camp
April 28,
Painting Party – Connecting with Your Inner Artist
Donna-Marie Cooper O’Boyle March 31, 2016 The Kiss of Jesus: How Mother Teresa and the Saints Helped Me to Discover the Beauty of the Cross
Jim Towey March 14, 2016 What College Students Can Teach Us
Gus Lloyd January 28, 2016 The Joy of the Gospel
Father Jim Simko November 19, 2015 You are the Salt of the Earth
Sister Maria Catherine OP October 22, 2015 The Light Grew Steadily Stronger: Encounters with God's Mercy
Jennine Fuentes
Tom Oram
Gabi Frei
Sept. 26, 2015 Praying Twice
Rev. George Ratzmann, Pastor, St. William April 9,
Making Sense of Suffering
Valli Leone March 12, 2015 Just Do It –
In the Power of the Holy Spirit
Father Leo Patalinghug February 19, 2015 Grace Before Meals
Father John Ludden January 8, 2015 Pope Francis,
Pastor of the Church:
Our New Pope Facing Contemporary Issues
Wine Tasting and Missions Fair December 11, 2014 Get to know local charities (includes wine tasting)
Amy Snyder November 13, 2014 Painting the Irena Sendler Story
Joan Lynch October 16, 2014 God is the Bigger Elvis –
The Inspiring Story of Dolores Hart
Gabi Frei Sept.
25, 2014
Full of Grace -
Songs of Surrender and Trust to Jesus Through Mary
Holly Schapker April 3,
Walking in His Footsteps:
A Journey with Ignatius of Loyola,
the Founder of the Jesuits
Lois Thome March 13, 2014 The Inside Scoop:
Bridging the Gap Between Religion and Journalism
Patrick Coffin February 19, 2014 Sex Au Naturel:
What It Is and Why It’s Good For Your Marriage
Father Dennis Cooney January 16, 2014 Mother Teresa and the Dark Night of the Soul
Brandie Dixon LaFond and
Jerry Greenfield
December 12, 2013 Missions Fair and Wine Tasting
Patrick Madrid November 13, 2013 Why Be Catholic?
(When You Could Be Anything Else?)
Sister Nancy Murray October10, 2013 Catherine of Siena Performance
Professor Mollie Murphy Sept.
12, 2013
Balancing Faith, Work, and Family
John T. Conroy May 9,
Six Scriptural Passages that Deepen Your Spiritual Life
Very Rev. John J. Ludden April 11,
The Sacraments:
Signs of the Sacred in our Lives
Jim Towey March 14,
What College Students Can Teach Us
Teresa Tomeo February 20, 2013 Bringing America Back to Life
Pam Stenzel January 9, 2013 Girlz Gone Right –
Make a Difference in the Lives of Your Daughters, Granddaughers, and Nieces
Patrick O’Sullivan December 13, 2012 Holiday Wine and Missions Fair (A Wine Tasting with a Catholic Twist)
Matt Loboda November 8, 2012 John Paul II’s Message of Hope and Healing for Our Modern World
Sister Brittany Harrison, SJN October 11, 2012 Mary, Our Sister: Journeying with Mary in Faith
Trey Radel Sept.
13, 2012
Is There Room For God in Politics?
Elma McCaughey May 22,
Me. . .A Missionary. . .Seriously?
Joan Lynch April 12,
Women of the Passion
Bishop Frank Dewane March 20, 2012 Using Faith to Strengthen Your Marriage
Matthew Kelly February 9, 2012 Is Catholicism Still Relevant?
Jim Towey January 12, 2012 A Walk with Mother Teresa
Matt Loboda and Patrick O’Sullivan December 13, 2011 God’s Gift to Women:
Wine and Faith (A Wine Tasting with a Catholic Twist)
Elizabeth Donovan November 15, 2011 Human Trafficking in Your Backyard –
What Can You Do?
Sister Teresa Benedicta O.P. October 11, 2011 Mary, A Shortcut to Heaven
Very Rev. John J. Ludden Sept.
6, 2011
Find Yourself in a Hole?
Use Your Faith to Climb Out!