Kevin O'Brien
January 24, 2019

Father Mark Wiesner
Founder and artistic director of the Theater of the Word Incorporated

Adam and Eve Go to Marriage Counseling

Adam and Eve have been married for thousands of years, but things aren't going so well lately. He says the problems began when they ate the apple, realized they were naked, and Eve insisted, "I'll wear the plants in this family!" She replies that the only reason she married Adam is there was nobody else available - literally! And so they find a counselor who is very wise and who seems to know everything about what it takes to make a marriage work. In fact, this marriage counselor has a mysterious identity of his own, which Adam and Eve discover during the course of this imaginative romantic comedy!

Kevin O’Brien is the founder and artistic director of the Theater of the Word Incorporated, a Catholic theater company which tours the country evangelizing through drama.

Although an atheist at an early age, Kevin’s experiences with the dramatic arts began a conversion process, that ,with the help of the writings of G. K. Chesterton,eventually brought him into the Church. Kevin hosts the television series The Theater of the Word on EWTN and can also beseen on episodes of EWTN’s The Apostle of Common Sense,The Quest for Shakespeare, and The Journey Home. He also portrays J. R. R. Tolkien on several Tolkien specials hosted by Joseph Pearce.

In addition, Kevin has performed and produced over 40 audio books, and is the only person in history to play every part in a Shakespeare play, which he did for his audio readings of The Merchant of Venice and Macbeth for Ignatius Press. He is also a writer and regular contributor to The St. Austin Review and Gilbert Magazine. His first book, The Church of the Kevin, was listed as one of the Top Books of 2010 by Ignatius Press.His next book, An Actor Bows,was published in 2018 by ACS Press.

In addition, Kevin teaches several online courses for Catholic homeschool students at Homeschool Connections.