October 20, 2016

From Darkness Into Light –
My Journey from Islam to Catholicism

Nikki will share how she was living as a faithful Muslim when she came to America with her two young children to escape an arranged marriage. She was searching desperately for a relationship with God and a quest for the truth, when she encountered truth itself – Jesus Christ. Her life was transformed and she became a new person. Nikki will take us on her life changing journey to find redemption and salvation as she shares her conversion story. Her message is one of hope and faith.
Nikki was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and grew up in Africa in a Muslim family. Fifteen years ago she came to the United States with her two young children, after fleeing an arranged marriage. She was able to gain her rights and independence from an oppressive situation, thanks to the equal rights and laws of this country. She was able to learn how to drive, get a job and make a new life for herself and her children and live the American dream. Not long after she met her present husband, and they have been happily married now for 13 years.

Nikki’s life as a Muslim went through a dramatic turn seven years ago, when she encountered Jesus and Mary in dreams and thru other mystical experiences. These events led her to question and reconsider the Muslim faith she had practiced for 40 years, and make a decision to choose between God and family, culture and traditions. What is the Truth? This was the burning question that led her journey from Islam to Catholicism.

Today, Nikki is very involved with her parish. She has been interviewed on Immaculate Heart Radio and EWTN and has given many talks about her conversion. She is also currently writing her autobiography to share the miracle that God has worked in her life.